Youth Suicide Issues in General Practice

In this survey of over 6000 young Australians, evidence suggests that there are fundamental mental health factors that all GPs should explore with young people to assess the risk of self harm. These include feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness, the pattern and type of drug use, a history of sexual abuse, concerns about sexuality and sexual identity.

Download here: *Youth suicide issues in general practice 2001

Beckinsale, P., Martin, G. & Clark, S., 2001. Youth Suicide Issues in General Practice. Australian Family Physician, 30: 4, 391-394.

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Locus of control as an indicator of risk for suicidal behaviour among adolescents

Locus of Control is a measure of whether a young person feels in charge of their life (internal LOC), or whether they are a straw in the wind, controlled by others, school and the world (external LOC). The key finding for this paper was that suicidal behaviour in young people was more likely in young people with an external LOC

Download here: *Locus of Control as an Indicator of Risk for Suicidal Behaviour among Adolescents

Pearce, C. & Martin, G., 1993.  Locus of Control as an Indicator of Risk for Suicidal Behaviour among Adolescents, Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, 88:409-414.
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Postvention after Youth Suicide in Schools

This paper on Postvention in Youth Suicide at schools was published in proceedings of a conference, and later in the book of that conference ‘Preventing Youth Suicide’. Early discussion but still very relevant.

Download Here: Graham Martin – Postvention in Youth Suicide at schools

Martin G., 1991. Postvention in Adolescent Suicide. Proceedings of the Australian Institute of Criminology Conference ‘The Prevention of Adolescent Suicide’, Adelaide, July 1990. In Preventing youth suicide : proceedings of a conference held 24-26 July 1990. Sandra McKillop (ed.) ISBN 0 642 17512 8 ; ISSN 1034-5086 Canberra : Australian Institute of Criminology, 1992 (AIC Conference Proceedings; no. 13)
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