Suicidal Behaviour in Children: Submission to the Australian Children’s Commissioner

Australian National Children’s Commissioner examines intentional self-harm and suicidal behaviour in children 

This submission covers a range of issues to do with prevention of suicidal behaviours in children under 18 years of age


Download here: ”SubmissionAHRCSuicideChildrenGMartin

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Media influence to suicide: The search for solutions

This paper was an early synthesis of what we know about Media Influences in Suicide. It raised the specific issue of how we could use this knowledge to prevent copycat suicides after a high profile suicide, based on the experience of Kurt Cobain and his partner Courtney Love.

Download here: MediaInfluencetoSuicide

Martin G., 1998.  Media Influence to Suicide; the search for solutions.  Archives of Suicide Research, 4:1,1-12.


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Spirituality and suicide in young people

This paper was an editorial reflecting on Spirituality as a force in the prevention of suicide in young people.

Download Here: SIEC Spirituality

Martin, G., 2002. Spirituality and Suicide Prevention. Feature of the Month. Suicide Information and Education Centre, No 11 (SIEC, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA). Previously published as an Editorial in Auseinetter , 15(2), July 2002, pp.3-4
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