Identity, Voice, Place: Suicide Prevention for Indigenous Australians – a Social and Emotional Wellbeing Approach

This book is based on studies of social and emotional wellbeing in Indigenous communities, as an approach toward suicide prevention 

Download here: Identity Voice Place IndSuiPrev

Krysinska, K., Martin, G. & Sheehan, N., 2009. Identity, Voice, Place: Suicide Prevention for Indigenous Australians ‐ A Social and Emotional Wellbeing Approach. The University of Queensland. ISBN 978-0-9808207-1-3

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SUSTAINING CONNECTION: A Framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community, Cultural, Spiritual, Social and Emotional Wellbeing

This book is based on a post-doctoral thesis by Dr. Norm Sheehan. It traces the history of Social and Emotional Wellbeing in Aboriginal Culture, and makes recommendations.

Download here: SustainingConnection

Sheehan, N., Martin, G., Krysinska, K. & Kilroy, K., 2009. SUSTAINING CONNECTION: Towards a Cultural Strengths Framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community, Spiritual, Social and Emotional Wellbeing. Centre for Suicide Prevention Studies, The University of Queensland. ISBN 978-0-9808207-3-7
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