Adolescent Suicide: Imitation and the clustering phenomenon

Part III. Discusses the clustering phenomenon in which publicity of a student suicide story appears to lead to imitation in a series of student suicides in Australia. Case histories and connections; Tendency of a student to copy the method of a reported suicide case.
Download here : *Adolescent Suicide 3 Imitation and the clustering phenomenon
Martin, G., 1992. Adolescent Suicide 3: Imitation and the clustering phenomenon. Youth Studies Australia, 11, 1:28-32.
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Media influence to suicide: The search for solutions

This paper was an early synthesis of what we know about Media Influences in Suicide. It raised the specific issue of how we could use this knowledge to prevent copycat suicides after a high profile suicide, based on the experience of Kurt Cobain and his partner Courtney Love.

Download here: MediaInfluencetoSuicide

Martin G., 1998.  Media Influence to Suicide; the search for solutions.  Archives of Suicide Research, 4:1,1-12.


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Correlates of firesetting in a community sample of young adolescents.

This paper was based on findings from the first wave of a longitudinal study of 2596 South Australian 1st year high school students from 27 schools.

Download Here: Correlates of Firesetting

Martin, G., Bergen, H., Richardson, A., Allison, S. & Roeger, L., 2004. Correlates of firesetting in a community sample of young adolescents.  Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry. 38:148-154.
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Celebrity suicide: Did the death of Kurt Cobain influence young suicides in Australia?

Further to a Newsweek article to mark the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s suicide, this paper is offered as a free download. The research examines whether the death of Kurt Cobain had an impact on suicides in Australia? Apparently it did not – which goes against our understanding of the impact of high profile suicide. Reasons for this are examined

Download here: CelebSuiCobain

Martin, G. & Koo, L., 1997. Celebrity Suicide: Did the death of Kurt Cobain influence young suicide in Australia?  Archives of Suicide Research, 3:3, 187-198.
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