Perceived Academic Performance and Alcohol, Tobacco and Marijuana Use: Longitudinal Relationships in Young Community Adolescents

Perceived Academic Performance and Alcohol, Tobacco and Marijuana Use: Longitudinal Relationships in Young Community Adolescents

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Bergen, H., Martin, G., Allison, S. & Roeger, L., 2005. Perceived academic performance and alcohol, tobacco and marijuana use: longitudinal relationships in young community adolescents. Journal of Addictive Behaviours, 30; 1563-1573.

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Perceived academic performance … adolescent suicide risk: implications for teachers

Perceived academic performance, self-esteem and locus of control as indicators of need for assessment of adolescent suicide risk: implications for teachers

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Martin, G., Richardson, A. S., Bergen, H. A., Roeger, L., & Allison, S., 2005. Perceived Academic Performance, Self-Esteem and Locus of Control as Indicators of Need for Assessment of Adolescent Suicide Risk: Implications for teachers. Journal of Adolescence. 27:1, 75-87.
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Perceived Academic Performance as an Indicator of Risk of Attempted Suicide in Young Adolescents

This study investigated perceived academic performance and self-reported suicidal behaviour in 2,596 adolescents, mean age 13 years, from 27 South Australian high schools. Groups perceiving their academic performance as failing, below average, average and above average were significantly different on measures of self-esteem, locus of control, depressive symptoms, suicidal thoughts, plans, threats, deliberate self-injury, and suicide attempts.

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Richardson, A., Martin, G., Bergen, H., Roeger, L. & Allison, S., 2005. Perceived Academic Performance as an Indicator of Risk of Attempted Suicide in Young Adolescents. Archives of Suicide Research, 9:163–176.

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