Keep Yourself Alive: Program Evaluation (General Practitioners)

Last week I posted the Keep Yourself Evaluation Training Manual (from the KYA Multimedia Kit). This KYA report is the program evaluation for the multimedia community family doctor suicide prevention training program. So few evaluations are completed regarding government suicide prevention programs; this is one exception.

Download here: *KYA EVAL GP

Beckinsale, P., Martin, G. & Clark, S., 1999. Keep Yourself Alive: Evaluation Report: General Practitioners. KYA, Quality Assurance and Continuing Education Unit, Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Adelaide.

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Keep Yourself Alive: Suicide Prevention Manual

This manual was part of a national training program to raise awareness and skills for suicide prevention among GPs. The full ‘kit’ contained videos, audios, and diskettes, and was disseminated to 3500+ Family Doctors across Australia in 150+ seminars from 1997.

Download here: *KYA

Martin, G., Clark, S., Beckinsale, P., Skene, C. & Stacey, K., 1997. Keep Yourself Alive: prevention of suicide in young people. A Manual for Health Professionals. Adelaide, Foundation Studios. ISBN 0 646 32424 1. Funded under the National Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative, Department of Health and Ageing, Canberra.

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