Celebrity suicide: Did the death of Kurt Cobain influence young suicides in Australia?

This national correlational research considered suicide in young people for the five years prior to Kurt Cobain’s death comparing to the few weeks after his suicide. There appeared to be a reduction in suicides, and we had the temerity to suggest “Courtney Love’s comments may not have contributed to responsible media portrayal, but the question has to be raised whether Nirvana fans may have been deterred from suicide by her denigration of Cobain’s act.”

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Martin, G. & Koo, L., 1997. Celebrity Suicide: Did the death of Kurt Cobain influence young suicide in Australia? Archives of Suicide Research, 3:3, 187-198.

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The influence of television suicide in a normal adolescent population

This cross-sectional study investigated the possible impact of exposure to television suicide on normal adolescents. Students (mean age 14.2 years) from 3 high schools completed a questionnaire on television habits, common television life events, the Youth Self-Report Scale, the Brief Adolescent Risk-Taking Scale and a brief Substance Use Scale.

Students claiming more than two exposures to television suicide took more risks and substances, watched more videos, denied being upset by television, had a history of suicide attempt, knew more of suicide in the community, and had higher depression scores.

Download Here: Television Suicide

Martin, G., 1996. The Influence of Television Suicide in a Normal Adolescent Population. Archives of Suicide Research, 2:2, 103-117.

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