Sensual Haiku


These are the Haiku of love – sometimes soft and gentle, sometimes suggestive and raw. They are written to a soulmate – sometimes memories and at other times fantasies.

There are over 100 haiku of 17 syllables (5-7-5), written over 4 years. The book is in four connected parts – Winter to Spring to Summer to Autumn – tracing the stages of loving, but also reflecting the passages of life.

Photographic images are from the author’s own Japanese garden, from others in Brisbane and Toowomba in Queensland, as well as from journeys to Japan, Korea and China. Other stock images were purchased for the book.

Details of paintings are from Ginnosuke Tasuke Yokouchi (1870-1942), a Japanese watercolour painter; all paintings are part of the author’s personal collection.


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Professor Graham MartinUntil 2014 Professor Graham Martin was the Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at The University of Queensland, Clinical Director, Royal Children’s Hospital and Health Service District, Child and Youth Mental Health Service.
The University of Queensland honoured Graham for his services by making him an ‘Emeritus Professor'.
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Professor Graham Martin's BlogGraham has 30 years of professional psychiatric practice, focusing on suicide prevention in young people.

Paralysed from the chest down in 2009, he has had to fight his way back to health, fitness and relative autonomy. Stories from this emotional journey are mixed with insights from practice and research about mental health, suicide prevention and self-injury.

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