Postvention after Youth Suicide in Schools

This paper on Postvention in Youth Suicide at schools was published in proceedings of a conference, and later in the book of that conference ‘Preventing Youth Suicide’. Early discussion but still very relevant.

Download Here: Graham Martin – Postvention in Youth Suicide at schools

Martin G., 1991. Postvention in Adolescent Suicide. Proceedings of the Australian Institute of Criminology Conference ‘The Prevention of Adolescent Suicide’, Adelaide, July 1990. In Preventing youth suicide : proceedings of a conference held 24-26 July 1990. Sandra McKillop (ed.) ISBN 0 642 17512 8 ; ISSN 1034-5086 Canberra : Australian Institute of Criminology, 1992 (AIC Conference Proceedings; no. 13)
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