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Media influence to suicide: The search for solutions

This paper was an early synthesis of what we know about Media Influences in Suicide. It raised the specific issue of how we could use this knowledge to prevent copycat suicides after a high profile suicide, based on the experience of Kurt Cobain and his partner Courtney Love.

Download here: MediaInfluencetoSuicide

Martin G., 1998.  Media Influence to Suicide; the search for solutions.  Archives of Suicide Research, 4:1,1-12.


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Correlates of firesetting in a community sample of young adolescents.

This paper was based on findings from the first wave of a longitudinal study of 2596 South Australian 1st year high school students from 27 schools.

Download Here: Correlates of Firesetting

Martin, G., Bergen, H., Richardson, A., Allison, S. & Roeger, L., 2004. Correlates of firesetting in a community sample of young adolescents.  Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry. 38:148-154.
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This report examines international Suicide Prevention Strategies that had been in place for 10 years or more, concluding that such strategies work, and exploring why they work.


Martin, G. & Page, A., 2009. National Suicide Prevention Strategies: a Comparison. The University of Queensland. ISBN 978-0-9808207-9-9.
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Identity, Voice, Place: Suicide Prevention for Indigenous Australians – a Social and Emotional Wellbeing Approach

This book is based on studies of social and emotional wellbeing in Indigenous communities, as an approach toward suicide prevention 

Download here: Identity Voice Place IndSuiPrev

Krysinska, K., Martin, G. & Sheehan, N., 2009. Identity, Voice, Place: Suicide Prevention for Indigenous Australians ‐ A Social and Emotional Wellbeing Approach. The University of Queensland. ISBN 978-0-9808207-1-3

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SUSTAINING CONNECTION: A Framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community, Cultural, Spiritual, Social and Emotional Wellbeing

This book is based on a post-doctoral thesis by Dr. Norm Sheehan. It traces the history of Social and Emotional Wellbeing in Aboriginal Culture, and makes recommendations.

Download here: SustainingConnection

Sheehan, N., Martin, G., Krysinska, K. & Kilroy, K., 2009. SUSTAINING CONNECTION: Towards a Cultural Strengths Framework for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community, Spiritual, Social and Emotional Wellbeing. Centre for Suicide Prevention Studies, The University of Queensland. ISBN 978-0-9808207-3-7
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