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Celebrity suicide: Did the death of Kurt Cobain influence young suicides in Australia?

Further to a Newsweek article to mark the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s suicide, this paper is offered as a free download. The research examines whether the death of Kurt Cobain had an impact on suicides in Australia? Apparently it did not – which goes against our understanding of the impact of high profile suicide. Reasons for this are examined

Download here: CelebSuiCobain

Martin, G. & Koo, L., 1997. Celebrity Suicide: Did the death of Kurt Cobain influence young suicide in Australia?  Archives of Suicide Research, 3:3, 187-198.
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Spirituality and suicide in young people

This paper was an editorial reflecting on Spirituality as a force in the prevention of suicide in young people.

Download Here: SIEC Spirituality

Martin, G., 2002. Spirituality and Suicide Prevention. Feature of the Month. Suicide Information and Education Centre, No 11 (SIEC, Calgary, Alberta, CANADA). Previously published as an Editorial in Auseinetter , 15(2), July 2002, pp.3-4
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Suicidality by Gender

This paper describes results from a large study of young people. Clearly, sexual abuse is a precursor risk factor for suicidal thinking and behaviour.

Download here: Martin, Bergen – Suicidality by Gender

Martin, G., Bergen, H., Richardson, A., Allison, S. & Roeger, L., 2004. Sexual Abuse and Suicidality: Gender Differences in a Community Sample of Adolescents. Child Abuse and Neglect, 28:5, 491-503.
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Graffiti Correlates

This paper on graffiti is one of very few that describes correlates in a group of young people.

Download here – Graffiti Correlates

Martin, G., Richardson, A., Bergen, H., Roeger, L., & Allison, S., 2003. Family and Individual Characteristics of a community sample of adolescents who graffiti. Online Proceedings from the Graffiti and Disorder Conference, Australian Institute of Criminology in conjunction with the Australian Local Government Association. Brisbane, 18-19 August  Accessed 17.10.2012.
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