• TAKING CHARGE: A Journey of Recovery

    This book is the story of Graham’s partial recovery from Transverse Myelitis, a paralysing spinal condition that left him with ongoing loss of sensation and power in both legs, and a range of other handicaps.

    TAKING CHARGE: A Journey of Recovery follows his journey from the first horrifying days in hospital, through a dedicated Spinal Unit, to his return to home, work and life. Seeing the hospital from the inside for the first time, Graham’s intensely personal report of his journey will make you both laugh and cry.

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  • Taming the Adolescent Mind

    The Taming the Adolescent Mind program has proven to be effective in treating adolescents with mixed psychological distress.

    This includes learning and applying techniques of R.O.A.M (regulate attention; observing attention; acceptance; meaningful and mindful living), with structured exercises and demonstrations with the goal of achieving mindfulness skills. This manual enables the practitioner to facilitate a mindfulness group-based programme for adolescents aged 13 – 18 years old.

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  • Seeking Solutions to Self-injury

    Self-injury usually begins in early adolescence, and is confusing and frightening for everyone who comes into contact with the problem. Often, nobody seems to know exactly what is best to do to help.

    These four brief guides (sold together) offer a clear description of the problem, and a range of well tried strategies for young people, their families and professionals from a range of backgrounds.

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  • Professor Martin

    Professor Graham MartinProfessor Graham Martin is the Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at The University of Queensland, Clinical Director, Royal Children’s Hospital and Health Service District, Child and Youth Mental Health Service.
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    Professor Graham Martin on FacebookAmongst other things, Graham is a prolific Haiku writer. His facebook page features haikus, as well as regular links to news, items of interest, resources and further reading.
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    Professor Graham Martin on TwitterA lucky person trying to find solutions to help those who aren't.
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    Professor Graham Martin's BlogGraham has 30 years of professional psychiatric practice, focusing on suicide prevention in young people.

    Paralysed from the chest down in 2009, he has had to fight his way back to health, fitness and relative autonomy. Stories from this emotional journey are mixed with insights from practice and research about mental health, suicide prevention and self-injury.

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